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Bruenn / Brno - The BRUNA

Do you know the second largest city of the Czech Republic in Moravia by the name of BRNO?
We would like to tell you, that this city's German name was also BRUENN, until the end of the World War II, because the inhabitants were for centuries a German majority, beside the Czech population.

The BRUNA, the association of the, in 1945 from Bruenn expelled Germans, reports here about it.

Two generations grew up in Germany and in the Czech Republic since the end of World War II, without being aware of the former German influence and activities in the area. The school teaching painstakingly avoided this "hot" subject. It was too burdened by the events of the war. But you cannot narrow forever the history of the fatal 12 years the Nazi called "Thousand years lasting third empire". Bruenn belonged only six of those years to the, from the Nazis established "German Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia".  

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Who ever is not familiar with history, might repeat the same false facts. But the youth has the right to come to know the true facts; therefore we want to report everything. We, men and women, who were once German inhabitants of this characteristic German city, want the upcoming generations to gain an insight of our fathers and forefathers influence in this culturally and industrially important and extremely charming town.

We are calling on the young Czech generation to recognize the fact, that Czechs and Germans can prove long periods of common productive existence. Only national delusion and hate on both sides, darkened view and mind. The evil occurrences in the past, have to be blamed on the racial vanity of the Nazis and the illusion of the Communists, to bring superiority and happiness to the world with their theory. They cannot be allowed, to influence the young generation, expecting a more and more uniting Europe. One should not forget the history, because the same or similar mistakes could be repeated. But only the "downright" point to, as alleged, insuperable differences between Slavs and other nationalities. Therefore, let us look back to the beginning and proceed with courage, tolerance and mutual understanding into the future.

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Jean Anouilh said: "Occurrences just in retrospective view receive it's right place."
This right place to show is our aim.

English Version translated by Elizabeth Hall, Florida / USA